Azure AD sync Unhandled server exception errors

We have 2 separate accounts for a customers of ours that we cannot get to sync properly with Azure AD using directory sync. We receive Unhandled server exception errors.

These will be our 3rd and 4th clients, 3 now which have had the same problem - a 75% failure rate :frowning:

What error is showing? Often errors occur during sync if the Bitwarden account doesn’t have enough seats to sync the users from AD.

If this is urgent, please let our customer success team know here:

That was the error: Unhandled exception. It is not the number of seats. We some 25 seats and are trying to sync 23 AD users

Also note reaching out to the " customer success team" has been useless as they take hours to reply with canned, KB articles we’ve already been thru

This was solved by select the option “Remove disabled users during sync”.