Automatically submit login form

When I use Bitwarden to fill the login credentials ([ctrl+shift+s] or select from icon), I still need to hit [enter] or click a [login] button to proceed with the login.
Enpass manages to automate this. You use [ctrl+/] to fill the credentials and the login proceeds automatically, because Enpass adds the [enter] character. This also works with, which uses a Two-step login (username first, password next).

An option to “Automatically add [enter]” would be nice.

It’s a good idea, but I’d like this to remain an option, if possible off by default. The reason is because when you have multiple logins matching the same URL, it’s good to be able to review before logging in.


Agreed. The team could consider to implement this as a general option or a per item option.


This would be really nice, it’s one thing I miss from LastPass.

The auto-submit should only happen if I actively fill a form, by selecting candidate credentials from a list.

LastPass also had an optional auto-fill-and-submit feature, but that’s less useful.

This looks like a duplicate request of this thread Automatically submit login form on auto-fill

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