Automatically Select Biometrics for Unlocking when available

I was thinking the same thing, why do have to click on Unlock biometrics and cant it be set as default!?
It took ages for touch id get to bitwarden with browser integration and now it has poorly user experience.

Bought a premium subscription but the 10 usd matches the poor user experience/implementation.

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Just a heads up to people following this topic. Automatically requesting biometric input to unlock the vault should be included in the next release: Automatic biometrics prompt by danepowell · Pull Request #2065 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub


That’s fantastic news. Thank you kindly for the update; I hadn’t been following GitHub. I believe it may be the next next release. Perhaps October-ish?

Sept 17: Please note that it unfortunately won’t be included in the next release since it missed the cut-off date. But it should be included in the release after.

1.50 = May 2021
1.51 = June / July 2021
1.52 = August 2021
1.53 = September 2021 (next release)
1.54 = October 2021 (next next release)

^^ Just my guesses, no idea when / how the cut-off dates work.

Yep, goal is the end of October or so :metal:


Good gawd!!!
First I have to log into the desktop app.
Then I have to log into the chrome extension.
Then I have to click “Unlock with Windows Hello”.
Then, even after it authenticates me, I still have to click “Okay”.
Who designed this?

Drama Dude: It’s not the end of the world and it’s being fixed.


  1. Set Bitwarden up so it starts with Windows.
  2. Then you log into the chrome extension and in the settings choose “unlock with biometrics”

Done. The next time your machine starts or Chrome opens you just click the extension and open it - one click. I want it to open up by itself too, and the upcoming fix will do that… hopefully. But you have the power to change your settings in the meantime.

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That is how I have it setup.

Why does Bitwarden ask whether I want to log in using biometrics. If I’ve set it up to use them, then obviously I want to use them. Asking me each time just costs a “click”, which defeats one of the main purposes of using biometrics!!!

Shortcut to unlock

  • allow to invoke the biometrics prompt with a shortcut instead of the button

Feature function

  • I have a more keyboard centric workflow and try to avoid the mouse. I also dont like to keep my vault unlocked. In fact I would rather lock it and clean memory immediately after using the password. Thus, quick unlock is a must.
  • The system as a whole becomes more secure. Vault is always locked and with a touch in one step (instead of 3 including button click with the mouse) can be unlocked.
    Sure think, moving the focus from the master password field to the unlock button would solve it. A simple enter would invoke the biometrics check.
    Therefore, whenever autofill is ready run, a prompt for unlock the fault with biometrics pops up. I authenticate with a touch and forms are filled (an option to submit automatically could also be added).

Related topics + references

  • I come from keepassXC. This workflow works perfectly and I always have peace of mind that my passwords are locked and unlocked only when I need. (I have to move away from keepass due to sharing passwords feature where bitwarden shines, besides that, it works as I wanted)

Welcome, @dporto! there is a community PR that will prompt for biometrics if available (mentioned above) - once that is done, you’ll be able to use the CMD/CTRL + SHIFT + Y shortcut to open the extension and unlock it :slight_smile:

When unlocking vault on the desktop app and any browsers extension, it could be very fast and efficient if it was possible that a user chosen unlocking method could be selected automatically.

Actually, the user have to click on “Unlock with Windows Hello” each time he wants to access his locked vault. Why not offering to remember the preference and call automatically the Windows API for Windows Hell? It is more efficient.