Automatic license quantity extension

When synchronizing users with directory connector, it would be great if the license count could be automatically extended to the number of current users (both up and down). It is quite crucial to automate provisioning and optimize costs… It could work that it gives you 3 day period after adding a license - and sending you a confirmation mail before you start being billed for it, so there is some time to cancel in case of an error.

Well, Kyle’s job on premium memberships has been doing great so far. Nothing much that users have complained until now.

Now, if you want a (short) trial period, that’s up to BW developers’ themselves. Honestly, as it is a humble amount to be charged for premium subscriptions, I guess that if anything goes wrong, you just had to contact the support asap and they’d give you some directions for future purposes.

Some things have to be talked personally, as cases tend to vary from one to other.

I don’t think that you understood the purpose of this request. When a company uses Bitwarden’s subscription (paid) and uses their directory-sync to automatically provision users as they are created in Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, GSuite or LDAP, there has to be an additional step which requires the admin to increase the Bitwarden seat quantity manually. The purpose of this request is to make the license quantity automatically increase/decrease based on the number of provisioned users at the moment.
The purpose of the 3 day “trial” per automatically provisioned user would be just to make sure that in case there is a bug in the user provisioning and by some HR mistake multiple users get provisioned as part of a mistake, you will have enough time to lower the automatically increased number of seats.


And just a side note - if there’s enough interest, I would be glad to work on the feature and commit it back to the core.


Dear lord, yes please! this limitation is the bane of my existence!!! :slight_smile:

This is going to need few changes, I would like @kspearrin input on this.

  1. Add Organization option to enable automatic license purchases.
  2. Bump the seat number when importing users and removing users so it is increasable-decreasable.

The input I need is on how to integrate this with the billing and the 3-day trial period proposed above. Also, it should send an automatic mail notification like your seat count has been increased/decreased etc.

There are a lot of changes happening to billing at the moment, so I would hold off trying to implement this until those changes are pushed in the next version.

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