Automatic backup of vault

Mistakes happen all the time. You delete an entry you didn’t want to delete, you import the same file twice, you do some unwanted change you really did mean. The are also other things that could potentially happen to a vault, such as the database becoming corrupted and hence not possible to decrypt.

Hence I would suggest Bitwarden to automatically make backups of the vault for the user to download or just have as “restore points”.

If you go to that trouble, it should be “atomic”, real-time backups.

My solution to this is “semi-automatically”:



What is that? - a cron interface?

It shouldn’t be on the user to make backups, they should just automatically happen.

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OK but what is that you are showing? - just a sketch or something?

It’s a weekly reminder I have in the Google calendar.

Could this be done using the API and a cronjob? Does the api support the new encrypted export?

The API doesn’t manipulate encrypted data, but the CLI application can be used for this purpose using the export function:

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I think this is a free feature on last pass no less. Been using Bitwarden since last summer and I assumed this was a thing in the background just haven’t had the need to check yet, so there really is no backups being saved anywhere and we have to manually do it?

Correct, there isn’t a “vault snapshot” feature currently.

There is a topic for it here though:


Is this on the roadmap?


Would like to see this also!

Thanks for the feedback! Currently you can use the Bitwarden CLI to create automated backups.

How exactly can we create automated backups using the cli? I’ve tried to set it up, but the script always seems to fail because it needs me to enter the master password.

This post goes into more detail: How To: A User's Guide to Backing Up Your Bitwarden Vault

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