Automate Device Approvals

Hi Bitwarden Community,

My department has been using Bitwarden for the past few months, and we have begun pushing it out to other departments, slowly but surely.

We decided to utilize the trusted devices features, which allows us to bypass the need for a master password. I really like this feature, but the one thing that gets in the way is the need to approve devices as they’re requested. Working in an organization that has over 3000 employees, it will create a lot of work to continuously approve devices.

I understand that it’s necessary for security reasons to approve devices manually, but it’s simply impractical within the scale I’m working. We are controlling user access with groups in Microsoft Entra ID (AAD). Obviously, the main concern here is users adding public/shared devices as trusted devices.

I’ve looked through API and CLI documentation, and I can’t seem to find anything on this–maybe I’m missing something. Is anyone aware of a way to automate device approvals? I should mention we are not self-hosting.

Thanks in advance!

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Hi @bellewga and welcome to the Bitwarden community! The team is looking at many ways to streamline device approvals and there are planned enhancements. Stay tuned for more details.

Hi @bellewga! The team is looking at expanding the CLI so organizations can automate device approvals (similar to automating user confirmation) as a top priority this quarter. When there’s more clarity on timing, more updates will be shared. Later in the year, Bitwarden also plans on introducing device management in the web app so that users can approve and manage their own devices. Thank you for your support!

Giving end-users the ability to approve other devices via the Web Vault will help immensely. The email invite guides them through signing up via the Web Vault, so this is where they end up first and subsequent devices then need to be approved.

Is there a rough ETA on this? E.g by end of Q2