Autofill with TOTP not work

I have buy Premium and i use the in app totp. I have test with protonmail and its work but i get not a notification for a code and the Code will not Autofill. Is there no possibility that the code is entered automatically? I use Windows 10 with the latest Bitwarden Portable and the last Edge Chromium.

I only see the code here (see Screenshot).

Edit: I have found the problem here on this site:


TOTP codes will not automatically copy to the system clipboard when “Enable Auto-fill On Page Load” is enabled in the browser extension.
This is very bad. Why can not use Autofill and copy totp code? It would be better if the two worked together. It would at least be helpful if there was an icon where you could click on the input fields for user and passport and then it would be filled in instead of always clicking on the icon at the top of the extension. Roboform or KeepassXC have that.

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