✅ Autofill shortcut should open login window when vault is locked

“Can’t replace built-in Firefox shortcut”

For this reason and general UX, this is why the normal autofill hotkey should prompt for unlock if needed. There’s really no reason not to

On Linux, it’s Ctrl+Shift+U

In a lot of scenarios you’ll already be in the username or password field and Ctrl+Shift+U just changes to underline and doesn’t trigger bitwarden unless you click off onto the background and do it again.

I very much don’t understand why this would be contentious. In the scenario describe, the software knows what the user is trying to do. The software could just do it rather than doing nothing and requiring the user to learn, remember, and input another hotkey

In my case CTRL + SHIFT + U not working on linux on chrome browser

C’mon Bitwarden, let’s finally make this happen… IT’S BEEN 2 YEARS since the original post!
I just switched from using Firefox’s built in password manager where this has been the norm since forever… because this is the only logical workflow = when loading a website that has a stored login bring up a popup where the user can enter the master password to unlock the vault and be able to use the login for that website.


It’s actually in progress in a community PR here :metal:

This community is nothing short of amazing!


I don’t think I’ve seen Ctrl + Shift + Y listed in the documentation anywhere, just in community forum posts.

This should probably get added to one of the https://bitwarden/help articles in the mean-time.

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I also created an account to request this. After reading the discussions on the PR I understand the browser limitations preventing the pop-up, and want to say I’d be happy to have it work with the pop out window or a separate tab (as LastPass did) as an improvement over doing nothing.

+1 for this… there should a global shortcut to activate bitwarden in any browser or system.

cmd+shift+Y is listed as only in Chrome and can’t be changed in the extension shortcut
cmd+shift+L can be switched to global from “in chrome” in the chrome extensions keyboard shortcuts settings.
This setting automatically uses the last logged in username and password but if you have multiple you still have to manually make the changes to login

(above is for osx and chrome on osx)

Made an account to request this feature.

An Alternative would be for the Right Click menu “BitWarden” to warn at first instance that the vaultis locked.

Coming soon… :wink:


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I use the CMD SHIFT L shortcut to autofill username / password. When I login to Chrome and have been logged out, this shortcut doesn’t work. I suggest that if you are logged out, this shortcut should load the extension and prompt you to enter your master password. This will save a lot of clicks and happens to me daily, so there is high value to this minor fix.

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@tgreer This should be merged with Autofill shortcut should open login window when vault is locked - #63 by djsmith85


I’d love to have this feature in the Firefox extension as well. Currently, the Safari extension will open a new tab if the autofill shortcut is pressed when the vault is locked.

@xurc It’ll be available with the next updates in a week or so :+1:


Thank you for the reply, Trey! That’s wonderful news and I really appreciate Bitwarden team’s hard work. :smile:


I just had the wonderful experience of pressing the auto-fill shortcut and having a log-in tab open to help me fulfill my task. Very happy to see this implemented. :slight_smile:


As @simonfriis mentioned, this is now available!!