Autofill recommendations below active field

My biggest complaint about bitwarden is that it takes more time to autofill fields than competitive/default offerings of most browsers. I would like to see functionality similar to what is built in to Chrome or Firefox, where autofill suggestions appear below active fillable fields. This is very simple and quick to use, and is better than the available hotkeys in bitwarden because if lets you quickly select from multiple logins using only they keyboard. On larger screens especially the extension icon/menu can be inconvenient to use. See some examples of the desired behavior in Firefox below.

Yes, I am looking forward to this feature as well!

any chance this topic covers what you’re asking?

Then vote for it please!

Not exactly, but close. I don’t want to have to click anything. I like the overlay showing up when the field becomes active with a cursor in it, so that no mouse interaction is needed. The behavior I am looking for would mirror what exists natively in Chrome and Firefox.