AutoFill Problem with Mayo Clinic Website

Just today trying to log into the Mayo Clinic Website on my Chromebook using the latest Bitwarden Extension. This just started today and it says unable to autofill on this page. This is happening on 2 different Mayo accounts and on 2 different Chromebooks. All other auto fills for other websites are working ok. Just Mayo Clinic has stopped working today. Thanks for any help.

Assuming that you are referring to, you need to define a linked custom field that is named signInName and linked to your username.

To set up the required custom field, edit your vault item, scroll down to the “CUSTOM FIELDS” area, click the dropdown menu below where it says ⊕ New custom field to change the selected value from “Text” to “Linked”, and then click the icon to create a linked custom field. You should see a new custom field with a red ⊝ icon, a Name field, and a value that says “Password”. Click where it says Name, and when you see the blinking cursor at the start of the Name field, type signInName. Then click the dropdown menu below the name field, to change the selected value from “Password” to “Username”. Finally, click the “Save” button in the upper right corner of the browser extension.

Please let me know why this needs to be done since it has always worked up until today? Thanks

5:51 AM (0 minutes ago)
I have done as you recommended and it still does not let me log into the Mayo Clinic website. Just to make sure, the signInName is my username for Mayo?
Also when I use Bitwarden on my Android phone it lets me log into the Mayo Clinic website. This problem only happens on my Chromebook.

I just went back and changed the name to signInName, but after saving it still does not work. I have followed instructions exactly. Thanks for any help.

It’s now happening with Login | Charles Schwab

Since it’s now more than one website that has this problem, it seems like there is a problem within Bitwarden.

Not sure what to tell you. I am running Version 2023.10.2 of the Chrome browser extension on a Windows 11 laptop, and I can auto-fill both the Mayo Clinic and Schwab sites after defining a custom field linked to the Username. For the Mayo Clinic site, I named the custom field signInName, and for the Schwab site, I named the custom field Login ID (see screenshots below):




Edited to Add: Do you have any other browser extensions running? If so, try to disable all of the other browser extensions to see if any of them are interfering with Bitwarden. An easy way to do so is to enable only Bitwarden to run in Incognito mode, and then launch an Incognito browser.

These are the logins for each and they still do not autofill and keep getting error messages even in incognito mode:

Sync your browser extension. Go to Settings > Sync and click Sync vault now. Then try again (you should even be able to remove the custom fields that you added).