Autofill on Desktop Browser not working

Hi there,

if I try to login in using chrome@win10 using autofill, I get the username/pw wrong information.
If I manually type the username after autofill, it works.
That System also is available for smartphones (same credentials) - autofill works in the App.

I’ve read about sites not liking autofill and that Company may be one of those, but then again, the chrome integrated autofill works without issues.

Is there anything I can try to make Bitwarden work on that case?

@Stefan_Jung Welcome to the forum!

The codebase for the mobile app is different from the codebase for the other Bitwarden clients, and websites displayed on mobile devices are often different from the corresponding website displayed on non-mobile devices. Either of those two factors (or both) may explain why it works in your mobile app, but not in the browser extension on a desktop PC.

To solve this type of problem, you must disclose the specific URL that you are having problems with.

Thank you for your reply!

It’s a company specific page, thus I’m not comfortable sharing it, I appreciate your readiness for help.

I will just give you the general advice that if the Bitwarden browser extension icon does not display a badge counter (showing a number greater than or equal to 1), then the problem is caused by improper configuration of URIs and/or URI match detection rules.

If you do see a badge counter number, but the username or password field does not auto-fill correctly, then this can often be solved by defining a custom field of the “Linked” type (linked either to your Username or Password). The important part is to define the name of the custom field so that it matches the corresponding identified used in the HTML code of the login form. The following section of the Help documentation describes two different methods for obtaining the identifier that should be used as the custom field name:

Good luck!