Autofill not working with Paypal Popup

Bitwarden autofill never works for me when Popup login is being opened in a popup instead than in a new page.
I am using Windows 10 and the Firefox extension.


Same for logins to some corporate web-apps, which use Microsoft account to auth users (Microsoft SSO)

This works in LastPass but not BitWarden which is a shame as used a lot.

Its over a year later bitwarden any chance you can catch up to Lastpass with this please?

Still no progress here for everyone else, right? I’ll make a Bitwarden support request to see if they’re aware of this bug.

PayPal is a major website (Bitwarden even promotes them), but Bitwarden 3+ years later still can’t fill in the pop-up.

I’ll report back what they say here.

EDIT: after some tests, it’s because it has Master Password Re-Prompt enabled. But why not just open the extension or allow some prompt to add it? Sigh…

Thanks for the feedback everyone! Please use the form in this Github issue to submit any auto-fill fail attempts for the team to review:

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