Autofill/Lock bug

Hello guys !!

I just want to report a possible bug. I said possible bcause i don’t really know if it a bug or it’s just the way it works.

  1. If i have all the autofill options enabled it asks the pin if i closed the app as it should , but it doesn’t locked if i choose to lock in app restart.
  2. If i disabled the “Accessibility” and the “Draw-over” for autofill (i prefer to disabled these bcause it works better for me) it does locks in app restart but it asks for master password instead of pin. It does asks for a pin only if i choose to lock in x minutes but only if i have the app in background, if i close it again it asks for master password.

I have also enabled the fingerprint unlock, but bcause i have hyperhidrosis many times the fingerprint sensor it doesn’t works. That’s the reason i prefer the pin.

PS: One more thing. If i enabled the pin unlock, and then logged out and re-loged in again the pin unlock it will be disabled, and i have to do it again.

PS II: Is it possible that having the “Accessibility” and the “Draw-over” enabled, the android doesn’t kill the app and therefore it doesn’t require my master password ??