Autofill 'identity' from right click context menu in browsers

I’d love to be able to auto-fill my ‘identity’ information (name, address, phone number etc) from the right-click context menu in browsers like Chrome. I used to do this with LastPass but it doesn’t seem to be a feature yet with BitWarden…

I’d love this too. The reason I want this is for two reasons.

First, I know that I can access passwords from the context menu. That has become muscle memory. I’m used to being able to do this, so I find myself trying to do the same for identities. It usually takes a moment to remember that I can’t get to it from there.

Second, I have a pretty large monitor. While a lot of mouse movement is bound to be expected for larger monitors, it would also be nice to not need to move the cursor all the way across the screen to click the browser extension button, then move it all the way back to the form I was filling out to continue. That’s a pretty trivial annoyance, but it is one all the same.


You can switch over to the keyboard:
Ctrl + Shift + Y to open Bitwarden, then 3x Tab to get to the 1st identitiy.


It will be a good feature to be added.

Indeed, this is the one reason I have not adopted bitwarden and have stayed with LastPass.

Still waiting for this feature.

I’ve had to resort to using the built-in Edge autofill since BW is lacking in this area, all we’re asking for is a right click context menu to select an identity, hopefully this is implemented soon.

Just making sure that people posting to this thread know that you can autofill identies with a LEFT-click from the Bitwarden icon in the browser, right? It is not clear if some think auto-filling identies can’t be done at all.

I have had only limited success with this, David. I have not had the “identities” section show up in the left-click icon menu every time. Only sometimes.

Also, depending on the site, it doesn’t always fill correctly. I’ve had my e-mail address fill into postal address fields and have had various fields left unfilled.

All your identies in your vault should show up on the default Tab page in the browser extension. I am not sure why they would not appear - perhaps you have them entered as a login entry or something? You can also make them a Favorite item so they are forced to appear on the Tab page.

Regarding autofill success, some sites use some unconventional labels in their forms, so no password manager can be perfect 100% of the time, unfortunately. Regardless, this feature request is for a right-click item to access autofill (rather than the left-click method), and both will have the same issuse with autofill. I just wanted to make sure everyone knew that you don’t actually need a right-click item to initiate autofill of identities, in case some users were unaware of this. Cheers!

I do not have the Bitwarden icon on my Firefox taskbar (out of sight, out of mind for anyone that doesn’t know I use it), but there is no option on the right-click menu for Identity/autofill.

So my feature request is for this to be added.

Yes, please make Identities universally available in the context menu so we can easily access information we may need to copy/paste. Physical address, email, phone number, etc.