Autofill Glitch on IOS IPAD

I’ve noticed a glitch that has not been happening on my iPad 2020.

When I log into Bitwarden app and use my Yubikey to open the app vault as the 2FA it opens fine.

Later when I try to auto fill a password with Bitwarden in Brave browser and Safari, it pops up and asks me to log in completely again like I never opened the vault. I constantly have to renter my master password to auto fill. This just started happening.

My app vault settings are set to log out after 15 minutes, but it has not been 15 minutes. Also, the actual vault in the app is still accessible and open.

I reinstalled the app and went back into the browsers and it kept asking me to reconfirm my master password again even though the app vault was open. When I went into the settings and turned on Face ID with the lock setting already on, it goes away, at least it has for now.

I think this glitch happens more when I set it to log out completely after 15 minutes rather than just using the lock setting.

Can you help?