AutoFill Email in new entrys

Dear All,
I’ve searched the forum for a few minutes but found nothing like the question I have.
Is it already possible to autofill my email as username for new entry’s? In 90% of my cases, I use my email as username and therefore it would be great if that’s auto filled on new entry’s in the Bitwarden app.
If it’s not already possible, I’m going to add this as a feature request.
Thank you!

Hi Benjamin - welcome!

This feature has been requested before, and I believe there was a community member working on a fix for this. More here:

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Hi David,
thanks for the fast answer! So I’m going to wait for the feature to be implemented!

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Hi, wondering if theres an update on this feature? As new logins are added ongoing (and particularly when setting up for the first time), it would be FANTASTIC to be able to select and autofill email addresses stored in my personal contact card to use as my username rather than typing each and every time (i’m using the iOS app).