Autofill doesn't recognise username fields

Bitwarden autofill only recognizes password fields on login forms. It doesn’t recognize username fields.

This means that: for 75% of the websites I visit on my phone, Bitwarden will only show the autofill flag when I first tap the password field and then the username field.
Some sites: I tap the password field, then the autofill flag, then select the right login and it fills in both username and password correctly.
Most sites: it only fills in the password field, not the username field and I have to tap on the username field again.

I want: Bitwarden to automatically fill in the username into the username field and then SECONDLY move to the next password field and fill that in.

How to do:
Bitwarden recognizes every form field on a mobile website as a username field if:
-the text field has the length of only 1 line (like all login forms)
-the text field is placed in the vicinity of a password field, i.e. in front of a password field
-The user has this setting enabled

How to make this SUPER smooth:
-Take the first login that is saved for a website and fill in the username into the username field without even asking. Most of the time people use the same username or email address for every website they visit.

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