Autofill credit cards on iOS Bitwarden app

Feature name

  • Autofill credit cards on iOS Bitwarden app

Feature function

  • Autofill credit cards on iOS Bitwarden app
  • iOS users

Hey guys! So i’m an iOS user and recently i switched from LastPass to Bitwarden because i saw that everyone said that is the best free alternative out there. So far so good, i mean the transfer went perfectly and the Chrome , Firefox and Brave extension is working well. The only thing that i think it’s missing from browser extensions is that little shield icon in the username/password fields that would make easier acces when you have multiple accounts on that site. Instead of going up to the extension in the bar or right click and then go to Bitwarden - Autofill - etc… but that is another talk for another day :slight_smile:

I would find very useful if the iOS Bitwarden app can autofill also the credit card information when i’m on a payment site, and not making me go back and forth to copy the card number, then the expiration date and then the CVC.

Thank guys!
Have a nice day!

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