Autocomplete / default username (+random password) when creating new entries

I’ve started developing this feature myself, and created topic in GitHub contribution category: Default logins - GitHub Contributions - Bitwarden Community Forums


This is cool! Thank you!

Will there be multiple usernames to pick from or just one?

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Multiple :slight_smile:


This is a great and useful feature! I wonder if it would additionally be possible to generate a random username for sites that require a username in addition to an email when signing up?

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+1 to this. I have to basically type my email every time I add a new login and it’s such a small thing, but makes usability that much worse.


A new “DEFAULTS” section in settings would be much appreciated. A textbox for default username and a checkbox to auto populate the password would make me love the product even more.

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+1 - really irritating when creating logins directly when the website is not BW friendly to have to type in the username/email. A dropdown would be useful preferably as a list of usernames currently in use, sorted by most often used.

Adding a +1 to this, would be a nice-to-have for usability. Glad there is PR in the works.

Adding +1 to this as well. Really excited!

+1 is there already any ETA?

Thank you for your post!

Feature name

  • Default or random or favourite username genetator

Feature function

Create a list of favourite usernames and make it easy to select when creating new Login entry.
Add option to generate random username
Add predefined username - each new login will get prefilled with default username

It makes it faster to create new logins

Consider also adding random passowrd to each new login entry.

By combining random username and pass, new login will take 2 clicka: Add new → Save

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YES, YES, YES!!! This would be fantastic.

Yet another +1 vote from me

I think this could be really usefull.

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Most of the time i use my email as my username, and i get so sick of typing it in every time i add a new login item… (it’s a long email name to avoid being spammed). Is there a way to quickly have a template username that i could just click an icon in the username to pull in a template username? I know i could copy/paste it from somewhere, but those extra steps hundreds of times over get tiring too {i am continually adding new accounts for testing, etc, so it’s not like it will settle down at some point).

Is there a feature that exists for this in Bitwarden now already that I’m not aware of?


When you click “Add a Login”, there should be a little Generate button on the right edge of the username field. It brings up a menu with a few different username generation options, one of which is a plus-addressed email. It doesn’t currently have an option to use your pure email, probably to encourage people to use plus-addressing for whatever added security/privacy/control benefits it has. (I was not aware of it until Bitwarden implemented this feature, so thanks Bitwarden!) It is worth noting that not all websites/services will accept a plus-addressed email though. Unfortunate as it is, it might be nice if they implemented a “plus addressing doesn’t work here! Use my pure email” button or some such thing.

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Feature name

  • Automatically fill email in login

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?

Automatically add email to the login field.

  • What benefits will this feature bring?

Approximately 90% of sites login is email, for example, I usually have the same email address.

Why do I save the password every time, exit Bitwarden, copy the mail, log in again, click edit, enter and save?

After all, you can simply fill in automatically by default.

It’s very easy to do, it’s very convenient, I don’t understand why it’s not there.


Autosuggest default username and password (per example email and a auto generated password). No need to generate and/or choose manually.

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I find myself repeating the same 7 clicks for every new sign-up. My workflow is opening Bitwarden extention, adding a new item, generating the username, generating the password, saving, having that item auto-fill into the sign-up form. Would be amazing if this could be one action. :heart_eyes: