Autocomplete default username (+random password) when creating new entries (or option in generator)

I guess this could be either automatic (like your said) or manual (option to define list of username/email suggestions). Either way, this would be really nice addition!

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There are two ways I could see this working, either the data from the autocomplete comes from what you’ve used with other entries, or it only takes as suggestions the email addresses from your identities that you’ve created.

Or both? Maybe this behavior could be configurable in settings.

Also, I would suggest to extend the autocomplete functionality to other contexts as well. For example, I often find myself adding the same custom field to many entries. Autocomplete on the name of custom field would make it less tedious.

Feature name

Suggestions of previously used emails and user names for the “username” text box in the New Item activity

Feature function

-We try to create a new item, while in username textbox, it should show previously used email/usernames

Related topics + references

  • Are there any related topics that may help explain the need and function of this feature?
    No, I guess
  • Are there any references to this feature or function on other platforms that may be helpful?
    I tried to take a screenshot for illustration but can’t take it as it doesn’t allow

It is by far the feature I miss the most from LastPass. It’s not a problem on mobile as the android keyboard suggests email addresses, but on desktop:

  • the “changed password” and “new password” prompts don’t always work
  • while firefox suggests emails for fields, it does not (cannot?) suggest them for bitwarden fields

Currently my workflow is:

  • fill the info on the website
  • create a new password using bitwarden and paste it in the website
  • create an account and hope the prompt is launched

But sometimes:

  • the website does not allow pasting passwords
  • bitwarden does not detect the account creation

In those cases, I create a new entry by hand


Someone has worked on a related feature that is pending review: Default usernames

Though it is using a new dropdown menu rather than auto-completion/suggestion in existing username field.

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Hope this feature request gets revived. I had this same thought not too long ago and finally got around to making an account just to find others having the same issue.

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Definitely need this feature! Please! Also have it be case-sensitive because that is also important for some people with OCD like me :slight_smile:

As an mobile user, when I’m registering on a website I want to use Bitwarden to create a new Login as quickly as possible.

At present I have to do the following on iOS:
Tap the username text Box, select Passwords in the keyboard, select Bitwarden, select “+” to create a new login, type a username, select to Generate Password, fix the name of the site (optional), select a Folder (optional), Save to return to the browser. Not too bad but on mobile this is a bit of typing and redundant taps.

I would be great if Bitwarden could automate most of this process to register with 1 tap. Some suggestions below:

  1. in the iOS keyboard pick list, could BW recognise no login matching that App/URL exists and offer a “Create Login” option with a default email address and new random password.

I realise this might be stretching the iOS integration. Alternatively,

  1. when the BW action sheet opens, always have an item in the list to “Create new login” (even if there are existing logins for this site). Perhaps have a two modes:
    a) tap to auto create a new login with a default email address and generated password, returning immediately to the website to auto fill the registration form, or
    b) tap the “details” icon (eg “…”) to Edit the new login details before returning to the site.

  2. The New Login should attempt to pre-populate every field as follows:
    a) Name - should be the name of the site from the HTML Title not the URL. Or use the domain name of the URL without the TLD (e.g. “Google” not “”)
    b) Username - should be a default username define in settings, with a dropdown list of all unique usernames used on other Logins sorted most popular at the top (e.g. usually a combination or personal and work email addresses and aliases for most people)
    c) Password - a new generated password using default settings/strength

The goal for Bitwarden should be to make it more convenient to adopt good security practices than not using Bitwarden, so BW optimises new account creation user experience.

I love the product but as an open source project it feels like a product designed by developers and lacks some of the polish and delightful UX moments of the commercial software. I suggest enlisting a UX person and having a push on usability to make Bitwarden more mainstream to further promote good Internet security and grow the community. Keep up the great work!


can you add auto-fill feature like Chrome mobile where it does fill if there’s already something there?

If not, can you add the ability to add new item and auto populate username with our default email unless otherwise specified on signup?

Thank you

Great idea. Got my vote. I would add that if this specifically couldn’t be added, then set a “Default” of a list. Such as if you had two Gmail accounts, you could toggle/enable/select “Account A” as your default and it will auto-fill.

There will be really nice to be able to set the default username to use in new login items. I and I think many of BW users are using the same email in all websites. The ability to set the default username in all new logins would make it easier and faster when creating login for a new page.

I signed up on this forum to ask for this feature and just found your post.
An autocomplete option to fill in the username field with usernames already in the vault would be interesting in addition to a default username option.


I came here to suggest this same feature with a slight change. I was thinking the user could have a list of saved “favorite” usernames that could be selected from a drop-down when creating a new login and, like mentioned here, have the password auto generated using default settings.

I noticed the same thing when creating new accounts. I always use one of my email addresses and generate the password. Same thing over and over. It’d be nice to have an option to do this automatically.

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Same request!

Would be great to have a preference option to specify a default username, and also possibly other defaults when creating new logins (eg. automatically generate a password as well)


This would be like KeePass. Where it knows all your usernames and you can choose which one to add


Yep. That would be useful.

Additionally - I find that I open BW after filling in my username (which is usually my email, auto-filled by Chrome) in order to fetch a new password, and have to re-type the username into the BW “Username” field. It could be nice if BW could identify that the Username field is already non-empty on the web site and offer to copy that.


I’ve started developing this feature myself, and created topic in GitHub contribution category: Default logins - GitHub Contributions - Bitwarden Community Forums


This is cool! Thank you!

Will there be multiple usernames to pick from or just one?

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Multiple :slight_smile:


This is a great and useful feature! I wonder if it would additionally be possible to generate a random username for sites that require a username in addition to an email when signing up?

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