Auto unlock vault when correct pin is entered

Hello everyone,

First and foremost, I’m glad that quick unlock with pin finally landed for Desktop users, which is why I wanted to propose an enhancement.

It would be a convenience if the password manager would conveniently unlock once it detects that the correct PIN has been entered. You can compare this request to Windows Hello Pin unlock. You’ll notice once the correct PIN is entered, Windows automatically unlocks the desktop. This happens without the need to hit enter key after you entered the correct PIN.

If you need more information, please ask away.

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I second this, it would make pin unlock a lot more convenient. As lhprojects already mentioned with Windows Hello Pin unlock, the same also applies with Signals pin unlock on their mobile app, so I’m sure you could check their source and use their implementation for reference. #5418 is also a duplicate of this.

@user1001 :face_with_monocle: I’m using iOS Bitwarden app which does have pin unlock. I‘m not sure about android if that’s what your using, but it’s possible in settings there’s a pin unlock, I do not believe that they wouldn’t allow pin unlock on Android after it’s enabled on Desktop, Browser, and iOS for sure.

@Ablac That’s not the feature request, the request is for pin unlock to auto unlock for convenience once you’ve entered the correct pin code, thus not requiring you to click “unlock”, on all platforms. I haven’t tested this on iOS but on Android and desktop you have to click “unlock” after entering the correct pin code.

I don’t feel that’s still a feature, but more of a Developer oversight, or a security measure, so prevent people from guessing the pin, by just brute forcing the numbers till it auto accepts.

I disagree, this is a convenience feature not an oversight. You can still limit attempts and lockout to master password like it currently does, so security wouldn’t be an issue either. Someone being able to attempt say 123 then 1234 isn’t going to really matter once you limit going from 1234 back to 123 then attempting 1235 with a rate limit.

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This is exactly what I came to suggest as a feature: automatically log in when the correct PIN is entered so that I dont have to click/tap the “Unlock” button on the Android app (or hit enter on my keyboard on Windows 10). To take it a step further though, in the mobile app, at least Android, when I open an app or website where I want to log in, I click the little “Auto-fill with BitWarden” bubble, but I have to manually tap on the “PIN” field to bring up the numeric keypad. My request is that the numeric keypad automatically already be up and ready to go.