Auto-type/Autofill for logging into other desktop apps

I would add into this feature request. Curently looking at BitWarden, but might be that I will stick with KeePass for now.

would love to see “Auto-Type” feature in desktop apps :slight_smile:

I am at a loss for EFFECTIVELY using BW on my Android without this feature. First let me say that on my linux desktops using Chrome or FF Quantum there is an easy workaround for me. A personal Android example is where I log into XYZ dot com and of course the username and password will fill in if I click on the BW flag Android brings up. BUT while these sites lack 2fa they do allow for a challenge/secret question and it gets presented every single time because I do NOT save login credentials on my Android(s). Trying to juggle BW on Android pie and figure out how to import the challenge question response is so tough I usually just avoid those sites until I get to my desktop. It really sucks because I can’t figure out an easy way to fill in the challenge response for the site when it queries me. By the way my challenge responses are BW generator responses and not something I could possibly remember, which is why I use BW in the first place.

I love BW and I will continue my Premium membership, but this is frustrating. I would ask others here to help me if I am missing an easy way (Android Pie) to import the challenge answers.

Upvote from me, too. I’m also a premium user, but this missing feature is the only reason why I’m still using BW and KeePass side by side.

This is probably the feature that would push me to buy the premium.
Do we have a timeline when this would be looked into?

KeePass still does this the best.

It’s open source too, copy the code BitWarden.

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I use keepass auto type all the time, they just don’t have great support for web auto type in certain situations. If bitwarden gets desktop auto-type, I would definitely be switching!

The only reason why I am not a Premium user is the fact that I have to start KeePass daily (just because of the Auto-Type feature in applications).

Any information if you plan such a feature and when you plan it?

This is a must have.

+1 from me also. I would love to see this feature. It’s the only thing missing for me coming from KeePass.

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+1 from me as well (coming from Keepass)

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I heard so much positive feedbacks on Bitwarden so I gave it a try but no autofill in desktop + no ssh agent support (see Implement ssh-agent Protocol) is such a disappointment.

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today i use bitwarden and keepass, if i can do all in bitwarden it will be just amazing :slight_smile:
The desktop version of bitwarden is not necessary for now (its just my opinion), but with keepass functionnality it could be a keepass killer (my opinion too :slight_smile: )

Looking for that feature too, then I will become premium.

+1 for me as well, registered just to upvote this one.

My company wouldn’t even consider corporate usage of bitwarden because this wasn’t a feature

+1 This really impairs my work, not global hotkey shortcut to quickly access passwords when in other apps and terminals!

I want you to be usable in Bitwarden as 1Password does not support.

The Bitwarden desktop app is simply a container holding credentials. With autofill capacity to other native apps or browser forms the desktop app would be much better for people who do not, or can not, install the browser extension.

I’m honestly a little startled to see this isn’t a basic feature that had already been implemented. I’m going to continue evaluating Bitwarden for another couple months, but if I don’t see this added by the time I re-evaluate, I’m definitely leaving for an app on Windows that isn’t just a password container and actually gets some core features!

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I have implemented autotype in this PR
I need some help creating the modals and modifying the server code before it is complete.