Auto sync for F-Droid build with own push service or polling

On your website, you mention for the F-Droid build that

Since the Bitwarden F-Droid build does not include Firebase Messaging, push notifications for live sync updates of your vault will not work. Manual vault syncing is required.

Instead of manual vault syncing, a google-independent push service like Telegram-FOSS or various other projects are using would provide the same user experience as the Google Play build with minimal additional battery impact.
An easier solution would be a service which polls for new changes every e.g. 15 or 30 minutes, which might be easier to implement, but has a worse user experience.

Please consider optimizing the syncing experience when using the open source F-Droid build :slight_smile:

I’d prefer something like the official Tutanota Fdroid app does, no anoying persistent notification, and seems pretty reliable, and doesn’t suck battery like most websocket based solutions i’ve seen (including telegram-FOSS, Signal, Wire…)
more info here:

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