Auto submit 2FA code in browser extension

During login, when user pastes in the 2FA code, it should auto submit it without anymore action necessary. No need to hit enter or hit ‘Continue’. This should have zero effect for people who type the code in.

The paste event is supported in most modern browsers.


  1. Authy 2FA desktop allows me to click one button to copy the code into the buffer.
  2. I want to paste it into BitWarden in Chrome.

Another website, binance, does this and it is quite convenient.

I disagree.
What if you mistype ? Then you’d need to retype your master password, which may be very long and you might already have typed it two or three times because you mistyped it as well.

Better :slight_smile:

Maybe you could update your first post to reflect this ?

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I have updated the original and deleted my comment.

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