Auto move to user-supplied login page

I’m a developer and I use BitWarden to store dummy user accounts (in addition to using BitWarden for real life personal accounts).

One thing I frequently do is log in and out with different accounts/roles to test functionality.

I would like to request a feature where the login page for a given site can be optionally stored so that when I select a BitWarden login, it automatically jumps to the login page, no matter where I am on the site, and enters the selected credentials. This would save having to click the login link, which would be a small but useful timesaver.

I don’t know how useful this would be for regular users, though.


That would come in useful for me at times. Several sites I visit use unconventional login pages and I have to manually enter stuff instead of automatic like most sites. Such a feature would make life easier for me. This is not a huge concern by any means, but I would use it if it was an available feature.