Auto-logout after X minutes



Yep, Log out on browser close by default is something what makes sense to me. Looking forward to see something like this to be implemented.


Any news on this? I would really like to have an option that logs you out or at least something that prompts you for 2FA after a while.

At the moment 2FA is useless because I’m not prompted for that anymore. I just enter my master password and that’s it. I bought premium to use Duo.

Maybe 2FA can be added on lock? So if the extension gets locked after 30 minutes then you have to use 2FA.


(First post from new Premium user here.)
If the local database is getting wiped on log out, it’s really important for users to know that, particularly if they’re going to be someplace (e.g. on an airplane) where they won’t necessarily have ready Internet access but might be using other programs on a laptop that require passwords and such. I agree with Coises that the term “Log Out” is at best inadequate (and at worst misleading) to convey what happens.

A Log Out also means that if the BW server ever goes down (which happened to LastPass for several hours) you would have no access at all to your vault during that time.


Well, I might have to go back to LastPass if nothing is done about 2FA. I set up a new DUO account, set up 2FA with DUO and now I can’t use it.