Auto logins

Hello fellow Bitwardener’s,

I just switched from LP because of their latest update and so far I like what I’m seeing using Bitwarden. Seems to be very simple, and I really need simple.

One quick question, is there any way to have Bitwarden automatically log you in to sites rather than just fill the form and you have to hit enter or log in?

Lastpass had this feature and it was very useful.

Thanks guys…

Sorry, I don’t have an answer for you on this. Just wanted to mention that I also am trying out BW because the LastPast update was so destructive of my stored data. Plus I never received a notification that the update was coming, what changes were in it, and most importantly, things the enduser should do to re-shape his stored data so it would not be impacted negatively by the update.
LP – really a disappointment after being a great aid for so many years.

Couldn’t agree more.

One thing about Bitwarden, the other day I had a support question and within an hour I had a reply from support with the information I needed. Solved my issue.

Compare that with the support, or lack thereof from Lastpass, and I’m a premium customer.

I opened a ticket with LP support and it took 3 days to get a canned response.

Yeah, I’m done being a premium customer at LP, but I just might get a paying subscription with Bitwarden.

We’ll see. Hopefully there’s a way to auto log in to my sites…

Currently there’s no way to automatically log in in Bitwarden. The closest you can get is going to settings, options then Enable Auto-fill On Page Load. It can be buggy at times and will not work if you have multiple accounts for the same site.

Thank you,

I guess I’ll have to live with that or go back to LP.

I really like the auto login feature. Very convenient. One click and you’re into your site.

Maybe Bitwarden will offer this in a new release?

Thanks again…

I never really liked auto login, you loose the chance to visually inspect the page before putting your information on it. This concern obviously applies to auto fill as well.

It’s just something I wouldn’t use I guess, similar to when I used lastpass.