Auto-lock doesn't seem to work reliably in Firefox?

I have my Firefox plugin set to lock at four hours, but that seems to occur only rarely. Is there something that may be set in Firefox that is giving Bitwarden a false indication of activity which keeps it from locking, or a bug?

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If you open the popup window for the extension it will reset the timer.

Oh I’m talking like it’s set to four hours but I come back to my computer in the morning and it remains unlocked.

I’m also having problems with it not locking lately. I had it set to lock “On Browser Restart”, but when I close Chrome and reopen in the morning I find that it’s still unlocked.
I’ve switched to 4 hour and will report if I have problems with that.

I also have this problem. I have the lock period set to “1 hour” but the extension never locks. Not even after the computer has been to sleep for a full night.

Lock timers are paused if the computer is sleeping.

That sounds like a bug, or at least like the “unexpected result”, to me.

I would expect “autolock after 1 hour” to lock after 1 hour of either inactivity or non-use of the BW extension. If the computer is at sleep, that counts as inactivity in my head.

The app checks every ~10 sec to see if it needs to lock based on the last activity in the app. This timer is paused while your computer sleeps. It should still lock after your computer resumes from sleep and the lock check executes, though there may be a brief moment before it checks where the app could still be unlocked.

I just checked: when I open my computer in the morning, and then wait for about 10 mins before i interact with bitwarden in any way to avoid the “brief moment” you mentioned above, the bitwarden extension still isn’t locked. Even though I have Lock Options set to “1 hour” and me and my computer have slept through a full night of sleep, thus ensuring more than 1 hour of inactivity.

Now, I do use the browser during that period, but I don’t click on or actively interact with the extension in any way.

Does navigating to a site where bitwarden detects that it has stored login credentials count as “activity”?

I am not sure what is different, but I cannot reproduce this on macOS High Sierra with Firefox.

Hmm. I just upgraded to latest firefox (65.0.1 (64-bit)) about a week ago, for OSX 10.14.3.
Now I have also been unable to repro my reported issues.
I’m unsure what my previous firefox version was, but it couldn’t have been too old because I usually update the browser whenever I get a update notification .

So, I suspect the issue was caused by the browser “somehow”, but I don’t think I can prove that.
I’ll let you know if the issue reappers.