Auto Fill User Names and Passwords Are Not Saved

I have cookies erased upon browser (Firefox) shut down. So when I re-open the browser all auto logins are no longer saved. Is there a way to allow me to save my auto logins on shut down? Do I do this inside Bitwarden or do I have set it up in Firefox?


Welcome @cdwyer55!

Is your browser extension being logged out after restart, or just locked?

If it is just locked, you can set your vault timeout to ‘never’ - which does store your encryption key on-disk, but will persist when your browser is shut down.

Some helpful info on vault timeout is available here:

Neither logged out nor locked. Bit warden opens normally. There is no “timeout”. It’s as I said the Auto Logins are not saved after a restart of the browser. As I have my history and cookies erased after a browser shut down it would seem to me that the auto logins are stored as cookies. Is this how they are stored? If so how do I set an exception so Bitwarden can save Auto Logins from browser restart to browser restart.