Auto Fill problems when signing for the community forums


I was filling out the sign up form for this very website, and I ran into some issues using the extensions. In order to reproduce this, I will describe the exact steps I took. I attempted this in Chrome and Firefox.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Sign up button.
  3. Log in to your vault.
  4. Although this next thing is somewhat tiny, it does create friction in my experience. Immediately after logging in, I clicked on the “+” sign at the top right expecting to see as one of the URIs. Instead, I was greeted with a blank for every field. So I had to click outside the extension on the webpage to bring it into focus. After that I clicked on “+” sign and the URI was filled correctly.
  5. After this, I picked a random username using the username generator, random password, and created a custom field with the Name as “Email” and Value as my email address. I clicked Save. Then I saw it pop up in the list of items in Tab view to autofill in. So I clicked on it. It filled the Email field correctly in the HTML form, but it did not fill in the Username correctly. In fact it did not fill it in at all. Password was filled correctly.

Upon further research, I read the way Custom fields work in the Help Center and the order of precedence. I understand I could conceivably create a “Linked” custom field and right click in the Username field on the HTML form and get the custom field name from there by copying it. This would create a Custom field of type Linked with “new-account-username” (id attribute of the input tag for user name). However, all of this creates unnecessary friction and work.

To a non techy person, such as my girlfriend (she describes herself as non techy, although I think she is brilliant), who was watching me sign up for this, it only seemed logical that when I go to autofill, the value of “Username” in the vault item would autofill the Username field in the HTML. The fact it didn’t has made it harder for me to convince my girlfriend to use a password manager because now it seems all bit too intimidating. The Linked Custom field is something I am more comfortable working with and could do (although I do not know how much use it will be now because I only need my username and password moving forward to login). My fear is not everyone is this comfortable. The autofill should be seamless and logical, especially on Bitwarden’s own website.

Hey there, typically when you create a new login with the browser extension, it will grab the URI, and on my end, the community forum login autofills correctly, although I tend to use the keyboard shortcut: * Ctrl/CMD + Shift + L Auto-fill, press again to cycle through matching logins.

I tested this in a different browser and tapping the create item while on the forum website and it grabbed the URI correctly.

When I login to the forums, I don’t have to use a linked field.

Hi sorry for the late reply,

The login screen works correctly for me as well. But I am experiencing autofill problems on the “Sign up” screen on not just this website, but other websites as well when it comes to creating accounts. That is to say, if I create the “username” and “password” fields in my vault first, and then use autofill on the sign-up form, it doesn’t work. On some websites (such as this one), when signing up for accounts, if there is a “Username” field in the sign up form, the autofill won’t work there. Autofill works fine most of the time when logging into an existing account on any website for which I have the details stored in Bitwarden.