Auto-fill popup problem on Edge (Android)

I don’t know if it is a known problem or just a problem with my device or configuration.

I recently switched to Bitwarden and also recently switched from Chrome to Edge on android.
I noticed that, while perfectly working on Chrome, the auto-fill popup on edge has a problem. When I select a field the popuo appears for a fraction of a second and immediately disappears.
If I am fast enough to click the popup while it is visible, the rest of the auto-fill procedure works just fine.

Anyone else having the same problem?
Should I open a bug issue on GitHub or is there something I can do to resolve?

I have a Huawei P30 Pro running the latest update of EMUI 10 on Android 10.
All the apps are updated and the auto-fill service, the auto-fill accessibility service and overlay permissions are enabled.