Auto-Fill on iOS only copies a password?

I’m new to Bitwarden and just trying the functionality. Actually I’m using 1Password.

I tried to Auto-Fill passwords on iOS apps and was wondering that Bitwarden only copies passwords to manually insert them into the password field of an app? Is it possible to get Bitwarden to really auto-fill passwords in apps? In 1Password it works like a charm and I hope that this also works in Bitwarden. Doesn’t it?

EDIT: That’s what I mean. Hope it’s readable…

Same App but Auto-Fill with the help of 1Password:

Again same app but now with the help of Sticky Password:

What can I do to auto fill with Bitwarden correctly? Do I have to contact support for help? :thinking:

After got in touch with the support and removing and reinstalling the app I found out that auto fill actually works. But it only works with entries that consist of an username and a password. If an entry only consists of a password then auto fill doesn’t work and the copy popup appears.

So I added username “NoUsername” into the entries for my apps which only need a password and auto fill works. :slight_smile:

It seems like this is a bug and may be it could be fixed?