Auto fill not always working in Poco X3 NFC

I love your app so much. It’s amazing and way ahead other brands. I changed to Bitwarden and it was best decision for my password vault.

I got a new phone recently and I can’t get the Auto fill to work on my Poco X3 NFC 100% of the times
I’m not premium account, just free user.

I used to have an Android One phone which Gboard took care of my Auto fill

but on this new phone it works most of the time but doesn’t seem to work on certain apps, depending on the app I’m trying to auto fill in

Tried Accesibility as explain by tech doc

But I’m still getting some weird message “This service is not functioning correctly” in the Accesibility > General > Downloaded Apps > Bitwarden screen"
Not sure why.

Any suggestions?

Thank you all.



Hi Jose, if following the guide doesn’t seem to help, you can reach out to our support team here.

Hi @dwbit I did open a support case. Waiting for them to contact me.
Thank you