Auto fill like 1Password and Apple does

Feature name

  • An Auto fill Option to automatically fill all or specific fields on a website via a small button next to the field and also if multiple accounts are available let them choose which account to use.

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?
    It will show next to Login or Signi-in input fields the Bitwarden logo like on 1Password, when you click it you can automatically fill out the fields or if multiple accounts are available you can choose first.
    Also when creating an account Bitwarden can automatically generate a password and put it into the required fields line apples password solution does and then automatically saves it.
    Also when connected with an email Alias Servus like SimpleLogin an automatic Username/Email generation and input into the required field.
    Improve the UX/UI of the browser plug-ins, because the current implementation of Auto fill I think it’s still in Beta is not really intelligent.

  • What benefits will this feature bring?
    My current workflow when I sign up for a website is,

  1. I go to the the website and create in the Bitwarden browser extension new credentials.
  2. then I use the new created credentials and copy them over to the sign up form. Sometimes I get them errors because my password is too long or I use special characters.
    It’s working perfectly fine that way but like how Apple does this process is way more convenient and easy.
    So especially for Apple users as me it can help them to switch to Bitwarden. Because for example my father uses the Apple password manager with it ease of use and he really likes it. I also does but I would have rather inconvenience then a lack of privacy and security. So why not show the world that privacy and security focused companies won’t make „inconvenient“ products.
    I don’t want to get my login information automatically filled into every field on websites.
    I want to chose when to do it like when I click on the extension in the menu bar and then on the account but that’s more inconvenient then having the extension shoving up next to the input fields.

Maybe Problems?

  • Especially with IOS I don’t know how much they will allow the extension to do.
    On Android the same but I’m less concerned.
    The browser extension would be the „less“ complicated because I think the browser can grant the extension the required permissions.

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