Auto-fill in android

when I go to use Auto-Fill in my broswer, (Samsung) I get the same 2 log-in options no matter what site I try to log into

What options do you get?

I guess I am explaining this wrong.
For example, I go to my banking website. I go to log into my account. I tap on the login space, and a Bitwarden popup appears. I have 4 choices to pick from which are not the banks . I have one more choice to go to my bitwarden vault. I click on that choice and only 4 items of 200 appear.

Had a similar issue. The short answer: The items that are shown are incorrectly being recognized as “fitting” matches. Check the URI for each item that is shown and shouldn’t be. Can be a tedious task, but it is worth it!

Here is the longer explanation:

But the app works on my tablet just fine, and on my desk top
Going to try and remove the app from my phone and reinstall and set up

There’s probably some issue with matching. Take a note of each of the entry and then open the entry and look at the URI. Maybe they are wrong.

Secondly, I have notice that some entries are not password. For example, there are 2 bank of america entries, but one is a credit card.

After a bunch of playing, it looks like Bitwarden does not play nice with the Samsung browser. Works okay if I use Chrome

It seems like there is a supported browser list for the desktop app, but it doesn’t say anything regarding browser limitations for the mobile app.

As far as I know, Bitwarden should work with any mobile browser (or application while at it) that supports the autofill framework.

From my knowledge, Samsung makes their browsers different and gives issues to applications like password managers to correctly retrieve the URI. They had their own password manager and they wanted more exclusivity, however, they did add more support for the Auto Fill API starting with version 12 for other password managers, although I’m not sure to what extent and if there’s any sort of specific deals made.

I’d say to first check your browser version and update if you have that option, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. I’ve seen plenty of those Samsung browsers not working correctly with any password manager.

One workaround I know to have worked sometimes was to select your URI in the browser before going to bitwarden. However, I would advice you to move to another browser that properly integrates with the autofill functionality from android.