Auto Fill icon in Username and Password Fields


I am using Lastpass for last 8 months. Recently i heard about bit warden and created valut account. It looks clean interface than Lastpass. But my favorite feature Last pass is Auto Fill Icon in username and password field which is missing in bitwarden . And one more thing, can’t add new “Types” too. I would like to add those features in further update.

  1. Add Autofill icon in login fields in websites (Like Lastpass autofill Icon)
  2. Add to create new types
  3. Add some more themes
  4. Also add payment option with debit cards or paytm too.
  5. Also enable file attachment for free plan. Because Lastpass giving file attachment option even in free plans. So if you add small diskspace for file attachment, it will be a good option.




Just vote for this feature request to get the possibility to add new types or new pre-defined item types:

Hi DenalB,

Thanks for your quick reply.

Yes, Bitwarden support 4types which are very useful types. But i would like to add some more fields like servers, Mail accounts…So we can group those things separately and handle to very easy.

Mainly i would like to request for AutoFill icon feature like Lastpass. Because everytime i have to click bitwarden icon for fill the logins…In this case small icon available in logins fields for webpage, we can click and fill itself. Lastpass done this feature very nicely.

If you add this feature, i will migrate my account to bitwarden premium. I am holding for migration for this.


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I know what you mean. I don’t like such icons in the login fields. That’s why I disabled them in 1Password.

You don’t need to push the extension button to get the list of available credentials. You can press the keyboard shoutcuts from the extension. There are 3 shortcuts available to autofill the fields with the first credentials in the login, to open the extension and show all credentials available for this site and to generate a new password and copy it into the clipboard. May be this helps? :wink:



Yes…I am using shortcut(ctl+shift+L) right now. I don’t like other two shortcuts. But i am facing problem when i have multiple logins in same site. That’s why i am asking like small icon in login fields.

If you provide that Icon with disable option, it will be useful. Because some users don’t like that icon,they can disable it.



Just press CTRL+SHIFT+Y to get the list of available logins for a site.


Also requesting the ‘icon in field’ option.

Asking to ‘just use shortcuts’ doesnt seem helpful as most users (and disabled) dont use keyboard shortcuts, and primarily use the mouse.

Lots of individuals are coming over from lastpass, (myself) and am considering other options if there is no icon in field option for multiple accounts.


Upvote this feature request for input field fill icons: Overlay popup interface

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Yep! Definitely want the drop-down list/icon in the field input feature.

Lastpass AND NordPass do it.

Come on, bitwarden! I wanna support open source!


I absolutely love this feature on LastPass and it would be amazing to have on Bitwarden


Just decided to dump LastPass due to the $30 a year ridiculousness. But the Auto-Fill icon is sorely missed already. I have about twenty Gmail accounts that I use for different reasons and the Auto-Fill icon in the field really worked well. The BW flow isn’t horrible, I do usually use the same account most of the time and remembering the last login used is a really nice feature. I’m not going back, so I guess I will suck it up if the feature never gets added. If it is added, please make it optional. Some people will hate it.

The person that said “you can just use the keyboard shortcut”, obviously doesn’t keep their right hand on their mouse 24/7, as having to stop, move my hand to the keyboard to hit L in the dark sometimes, as my left hand hits Shift/Ctrl, is not something I want to do 10 times a day. I know its lazy, but that is the whole point of having a password system, I’m lazy.

+.02 cents

As a holdover while waiting for the input field icons to (hopefully) eventually arrive, I changed my BW autofill hotkey to be CTRL+SHIFT+A within the Chrome Extensions > Keyboard Shortcuts menu. This at least lets me keep one hand on the mouse and use my left hand for the hotkey. I’ve actually come to like it as it’s even faster than clicking on an input field icon and selecting credentials, but when you need to choose between multiple accounts for a site, the icon/overlay would be a lot more convenient.

Doh!, I didn’t know you could change the shortcuts. That is a good idea. Thank you.

Optional is fine. If someone wants this then they should have to opt-in to it.

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Since these requests are in other threads already, I’m going to close this one so folks can have their votes back :slight_smile: