Authy verification not being requested

Hey all, I couldn’t find the answer to this question in previous questions:

  1. I have Authy MFA activated, and use it on multiple devices. (Personal use)
  2. My work laptop used to have it, and it worked on a daily basis as expected.
  3. Got a new work laptop.
  4. Now, when I need Bitwarden, it asks for my master password as normal, and then goes directly to providing my password autofill. It never asks for Authy.
  5. I can verify that going to the security page via a web browser on the work laptop that there is a checkmark that seems to indicate MFA is activated on my account (which makes sense because every other computer I use requires it).
  6. On my work laptop I’m using Firefox if that matters.

Any idea why I can’t get MFA to work, but only on my work laptop?

Hi @krabit - welcome to the community forums!

My guess is that you inadvertently told Bitwarden to ‘remember’ your new laptop as a trusted device when you first logged in. See here for more details and a fix:

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I have no doubt that’s what I did, thank you SO MUCH for answering my question. I’m about to leave on a trip so I’m afraid to enter the danger zone until I return but I’m sure that’s the answer.

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