Attachments in Note

Would it be possible to use attachments with Notes? Now there is a 10,000 character limit (encrypted) and some of my notes are longer. They are not always related to a login, so I prefer not to use the Login with attachment. If I could put a longer note in an attachment, it would be fine.

You can add attachments to a note currently, you just have to save the note first and then attach the file.

Unfortunately, that does not work with the extension.
Using Safari 14.0 and Bitwarden 1.46.2: the finder popup to select the file makes the Bitwarden popup disappear.

Using the web vault and on the iPhone however, it works, so I am happy


Ah, I see! If you’re going to work with the extension a bit, give the ‘pop out’ button a try - it creates a persistent Bitwarden window :slight_smile:

Screen Shot 2020-11-17 at 12.10.14 PM