Attachments and IOS Device

I recently upgraded to the Premium Membership to be able to load files, but when I try to access them on my IOS device I keep getting an error message saying “A Premium Membership is required to use this feature”. I can see the attachments that were loaded via Google Chrome, but I can’t do anything with them on my IOS device.

Hi Chris - try logging out and logging in to Bitwarden to have your device recognize the change in membership. That usually does the trick.

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I did that and even rebooted my devices. I’m seeing the same issue on my IPhone and IPad.

I would try reinstalling Bitwarden on the affected device then. Failing that, you should contact Bitwarden support at:

Let us know how you make out!

I was just doing that and confirmed that worked. I removed the App and reloaded. And it appears to be working once reloaded.


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