Attachment to Login won't attach

New to Password Manager, so apologies if this has been answered already…I couldn’t find it.

I’m following directions on this page:

to attach a PDF file to a login URL

but although I can choose a file and it shows, when I click on ‘save’ I get a message like below:


and the only thing I’m allowed to do is click ‘close’…but then, in the login listing there is a paper clip indicating the item has an attachment…which isn’t possible to access.

Again, sorry if I missed it, am I doing something wrong? Can’t seem to attach files.


Do you have a Premium subscription?

I have a Families Organization subscription.

Come to think of it, though, I’m still in the “trial” period…would that prevent attaching a file?

File “AAA member Guide” looks attached. I think you 1) select the file, 2) save once, then 3) close.

Are you sure the file hasn’t attached?

I don’t know…it looks attached, but there seems no way to access it…according to the instructions

“If your file is a PDF, it will open directly in the browser instead of needed to be downloaded first!”

and I can’t get that behavior to occur.

I had no idea you could open a pdf in the browser but I Just did it in Firefox, Windows 10. Just clicked on the attachment.
Which browser, operating system are you using?

Win 11 with Opera browser

AFAIK PDF attachments just download and don’t open in chromium based browsers (such as Opera).

File is attached though.