Attachment download via CLI returns error 404 (CDN issue?)

I’m trying to download my attachments via the Bitwarden CLI, with the command bw get attachment.

At the moment I have 3 attachments (in 2 different items), I can download just 2 of them, because the third returns error 404.

Trying to access the attachments using the urls provided with bw list items, I can still download without issues the first two, but the thirds returns the error BlobNotFound - The specified blob does not exist.

I can download all the attachments using the Chrome extension. Maybe there’s some CDN issue?

edit: could the issue be related to this change? [Security] Attachments are not secure · Issue #703 · bitwarden/server · GitHub

The urls I see are in the format Shouldn’t the url be different for file uploaded after that release?

edit2: my bad, I had an outdated Bitwarden CLI version. With version 1.21.1 the command bw get attachment works with all the attachments. I still see the old CDN url in the JSON I get bw list items, I’m not sure if it’s still relevant and can be used someway, or if it shouldn’t be there.