Assiging multiple collection to a collection

After migrating from a diffrent password manager to Bitwarden i see there are multiple collections created while exported my data.
Is there a way to group multiple collection and then “Nest collection under” in a single collection? I only see an option to do it by clicking them one by one, which takes time.

Hey there, if you just migrated, you can condition prior to import, see Condition a Bitwarden .csv or .json | Bitwarden Help Center

NO, i am not complaning about migration errors. I am saying the nesting for mulitple collection, is it only done individually or i have an option to do in a single click.
For example i have these collections

Now can i select rest others and nest them into EMEA. I am able to do it but this is done individually by click on them one by one. Also the permissions on parent folder EMEA is not inherited by childs automatically, i have to add them one by one.

Hey there no worries, was just sharing that you can perform bulk collection renaming/management via conditioning a CSV.

The team is also working on adding an option for inheritance.