Asked for master password when I shouldn't be

I finally got fed up enough being prompted for the master password that I set it to “never”. But even that doesn’t work and just now I had to enter the master password… again. This is an issue that was being discussed some weeks back, has there been any forward motion on getting this resolved? Ideally I’d like to NOT have to use “never”, if only a custom setting would work… which it did not. But now even “never” does not work.

Please, does anyone know what’s up with this? It’s not exactly filling me with confidence in BW if a glitch like this has gone uncorrected for what now appears to be months. Please advise. Thank you.

PS. the system required me to select a tag under “hosting” before I could post, but I don’t know the correct answer. So I just selected cloud-default because I had to choose something. I have no idea if it is correct or not or what it even means,.

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Hey there, the support team would need more information to look into this one, can you create a ticket here?

done, done and done

Hello, the support ticket is ongoing and at this point in time no solution has emerged and I am still being prompted for master password every time I open BW (MacBook Pro desktop app). Hopefully there will be a real solution forthcoming, however, in the meantime I have discovered a solution that is far less obtrusive than the constant master password prompt (which almost defeats the entire purpose of having a password manager).

I saw something in settings to unlock with a pin so I decided to try that out. I set a pin (far easier to type than the master password) and behold, it removed the master password prompt, allowing me access much more quickly and easily. Not as quickly and easily as being left alone for a few days at a time, but an improvement just the same.

I’ll still be looking for a resolution to the error that’s been plaguing me, I’d hate to see that left uncorrected. But the pin is something I can live with while I wait. Cheers,