Ask to Save Changes to Secure Note before closing window

If we edit a secure note in the webvault - but click anywhere outside of that note - the note will disappear and any changes are lost, with no warning. Can you please add an optional warning message to save any changes before closing the note?

Thank you,
Chris P.

Re-awakening an old topic. I have two suggestions here.

Calculate a cryptographic checksum before editing begins. When the user tries to exit, recalculate the checksum. If it has changed, we know the secure note was modified. If the user does edits then does more edits to undo those edits, there will not be a false alarm. Lastpass gives such false alarms and they are very annoying. Cryptographic checksums will reliably determine actual changes.

“Save or discard” prompts interrupt the flow of work. Instead, just do what the user seems to want to do, but save the modified apparently-discarded secure note (in encrypted form) in local storage, and let the user know in a mode-less fashion that the draft is still available. And provide a button (e.g., Undo, Retrieve Draft, etc.) to get back the saved draft. These drafts can be automatically purged after some timeout period. This strategy works nicely for email drafts and will work just as well for secure notes.


Same for iOS. Close closes the note without asking. Should ask when a note has been changed

It is SO frustrating to have carefully entered a load of information, only to have it lost with no warning.

This is really basic stuff.

Please can we have at least a prompt giving the user an option to save the data instead of just throwing it away. Or an option in the settings so that the user can choose to Autosave, or to be prompted to save it discard when hitting the Back button.

Just discarding the changes without warning should not be an option at all.

This not being implemented just made me lose money by not saving by crypto wallet details. Please implement this