Arbitrary sharing

I recently got turned onto BW, and I value the FLOSS creds (& ability to self-host).
Nice work!

I’m presently a LastPass user; largely because I’m pushing my family, friends & colleagues to make use of a proper credentials manager, so as to not reuse simpe passwords across multiple sites & services. (and MFA where possible)
LP’s simple & intuitive UX is a BIG point to get them on-board (hence not KP) - i.e. if it’s not easier than current process it simply won’t get adopted - and the fact that I can share our shopping login with my spouse & netflix with parents & router login with my colleague (without any of them needing to actually READ said value) is invaluable! This prevents aforementioned undesirable behaviour & allow me to keep tabs on things.

What I need is a similar functionality in BW. I get the sharing is a premium feature & I honestly don’t mind paying the nominal fee for the functionality, but this still does not seem to cover the desired functionality, ie. me as the owner of particular credentials able to share it (obfuscated) with other arbitrary users - most/all of whom would make use of the free account.