Appropriate naming of bitwarden docker networks and containers

Feature name

  1. Appropriate naming of bitwarden docker networks
  2. and dynamic naming of containers

Steps to implement this feature

  1. Create a file .env in the bwdata/docker folder with a single line: COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME=bitwardenprod
  2. In the docker-compose.yml, the container_name could be e.g: container_name: ${COMPOSE_PROJECT_NAME}-mssql

Feature function

  1. Name the networks as bitwardenprod_default, as opposed to docker_default. Which is a more appropriate name.
  2. Make it easier to spin up testing and staging environments before update or major changes.
    Just need to change the .env file in the bwdata\docker folder.

Related topics + references

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Thanks @dh024 for your swift response


Drafted a different pull request to complete the rest of the above request:

Kindly advise on the proposed changes.