Append permission to a collection

Append permission

A user with r/w access to a shared collection can remove an item by mistake (or malicious).

Please can you add the “append only” permission feature to Bitwarden?

Total permissions would be Add, edit, append or remove items

So far, the only way we have to do it, is to have a r/w “buffer” collection, that is copied to a ro collection

Thank you!

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You can adjust the user’s Read Only permissions but not the collection. See here.

Adjust to do what?

Read this

I feel the topic of my request has been misunderstood.

I don’t want to append a permission.

I want the “append” permission.

Is this what you are looking for?


I clicked on the reference given. It’s not what I want.

The “add” and “remove” item permissions (from the reference given) imply a user can delete an item.

I would like to have the possibility for a user to only add items to a collection, without ever being able to remove them. Thus the name “append permission”.