App tries to update password, but creates new entry instead

One of my passwords changed. (For an Android app.) When I try to log in, Bitwarden suggests my old password. So I change that (in the login field of the app) to the new password. I successfully log in, and Bitwarden successfully notices I used another password, and asks me if I want to update the password. So far, so good.

But then the screen I get from Bitwarden, only has a button to ADD the new credentials. I go through this process, and a new entry is created in Bitwarden, leaving the old one untouched. And the next time I use that app, still only the old credentials are offered.

So by now my Bitwarden contains 5 entries for that app, one with the old password, and 4 identical ones with the new password. And when opening that app, still only the old password is suggested.

What is going on here? Am I doing it wrong? Or is Bitwarden so buggy that it can’t really update passwords even though it asks if I want to do that?