App login Bug in mobile browsers

When you request approval for the login procedure in the website, everything works as it should, but when you exit the browser to open the Bitwarden app to approve and return to the website, I believe the connection between me and the website got lost and nothing else happens after my approval ( internet is fine I dont have this problem with pc)
I use a iOS device and I checked the chrome and this problem is there too.

Hey there, on your mobile, do you have ‘sync on refresh’ enabled in the Bitwarden settings menu? Then you should be able to pull down to see the push notification.

for approving the login you need to go open the bitwaraden app to click on approve while browser is running in background but when you come back to browser you will see nothing happen and connection had been lost when you exit the broswer. ( back ground app refreshing is enabled ) however If you have iOS device can u ever login with a phone in your iphone’s safari?