App crashes after trying to create account

Hello. Today I tried for the first time for the Bitwarden app. After entering my mail and “master password” in blank fields and agreed Terms of service and Privacy policy, I clicked on the “submit” button. Then, a blue circle appears on my screen, and a text: “Creating account”. After waiting for 10-30 seconds, the app crashes. I tried to repeat what I did again, but it don’t helps. I am even reinstalled the app.

My app version is 2.13.0
Android version is 11 (MIUI Global 12.0.2 Stable)

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Can you log into the web site ?
Actually the first question should be: Have you already created an account on the web site ?

Someone posted a similar issue recently. It turned out that their account was created successfully and they were able to log in and add passwords to their vault. They just didn’t get any sort of confirmation that the account had been created.

Try logging in using the details you signed up with. Hopefully it’ll work.

@tgreer just flagging as this is the second report like this, might be worth escalating.

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Thanks, @danmullen! - I have raised the issue internally alongside the github issue here:

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I have the same issue.
Opening app on android → Create an account → when go, it crashes.

Could VPN connections be an issue?

No, it’s a known issue (see above).

I have got the same issue